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EBC Mobile device

For emergency interventions and rescuing

EBC Mobile device for emergency interventions is an ideal tool for help in various emergencies, and it is used by: 

  • Firemen 

  • Civil security forces

  • Military, police, anti-terrorist units

  • Mountain rescue service

Mobile set includes:

  • EBC device – electrode holder 10/12/17

  • Package of electrodes

  • Adjustable holder of the oxygen tank

  • Steel tank for 10 litres of oxygen – filled

  • Oxygen hose

  • Reducer valve for oxygen

  • Set for electrodes ignition: Battery, cables with contacts and copper plates

  • Reserve Teflon seal and oxygen resistant rubbers

  • Protective leather gloves and protective goggles DIN 5

In protection and rescuing nothing should stand in our way.  EBC mobile device is a necessary help when we need to act quickly and remove/overcome all kinds of obstacles – all types of metal and armoured concrete.


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