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EBC High temperature cutting device

The EBC device is very light and easy to handle and is easy and quick to transport to the workplace, which is especially suitable for working on difficult and difficult terrains (worn and used as hand tools). Its effectiveness is equal both on land and underwater, where it has been tested in various conditions.

Emergency interventions

Mobilni aparat s podlogom SVIJETLI.png

Device created for emergency interventions on land and under water. With the portable oxygen tank, work is possible on even the most remote locations.

Melting technology


EBC device reaches temperature of cca 6000 °C at the top of electrode tube and it has the ability to melt and remove any material standing in the way.

Quicky, simple and efficient


When it comes to protecting and rescuing people and property, nothing must stand in our way. EBC Mobile Device is a necessary help where you need to act quickly and overcome / remove obstacles of all kinds.


quick cut.png


Mobilni aparat s elektrodom IZREZANI.png

Mobile device

For emergency rescue interventions

EBC Underwater device.png

Underwater cutting device

For underwater cutting and drilling


Construction work device

For special construction works

EBC Technology Mobilni aparat / Mobile Device

Prezentacija EBC uređaja za podvodne radove / Presentation of EBC device for underwater works

Rezanje željezničke tračnice EBC Mobilnim aparatom / Cutting the rail with EBC Mobile device


Catalogue for rescue service in case of: 

• Fire • Earthquake • Building collapse  • Flood  • Train and other traffic accidents • Various situations which require quick intervention to remove metal, concrete and other obstacles to save lives and property

Catalogue for Military, Police and Anti-terrorist units

• Anti-terrorist military and police actions
• Military offensive and defensive actions
• Emergencies with rescuing people and property in war and in peace

Catalogue of EBC Devices

Device 10/12/17 i 12/17/22
General notions about EBC device – purpose, effects and characteristics

Contact us

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